Sunday, January 15, 2012


This past weekend, M and I went out to dinner with friends and I was just in a mood to dress up more than usual.  I didn't have time {or money} to go shopping for something new so I went to my Pinterest Fashion board for inspiration to wear something old in a new way.

The Inspiration:

Originally pinned from the amazing Bee of Atlantic-Pacific

My version:
I had to include that terribly dark picture because of Maxman; apologies for my drab posture/uneven blazer cuffs, not sure what that's about.
{blazer - Banana Republic 2009, shirt - Gap 2011, skirt - J.Crew 2009, scarf - Banana Republic 2011, tights - Smartwool, boots - Frye}

I loved this look with the LC inspired top knot, but M had a different opinion.  He much prefers a preppy, classic look and asked me why I looked like a Kardashian (which I took as a top notch compliment) and called my hair "the librarian".

Find anything inspiring on Pinterest lately? -Sarah

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