Wednesday, November 07, 2012


I previously blogged about the amazing, sort of secret J. Crew Distribution Center in Arden, NC.  On the way to Charlotte to visit my sister and niece I dropped by for a bit of shopping.  The stock was a bit disappointing.  I was hoping to find a dress for an upcoming Engagement Party (Yay Court!) but still got a couple of fun diddies (with my teacher discount!). 

I picked up:
Baby Brompton in Sahara Dune
(Pictured in Henna, which was also available.  See the color I got here.)
Orig.:  $158
DC Price:  $60 - 15% = $51
Savings:  $101

Pocket Umbrella in Leopard
Orig.:  $26.50
DC Price:  $15 - 15% = $12.75
Savings:  $13.75

Like I said, not a super exciting trip, but still great deals!  I was hoping to find the Allie Dress but sadly it was only available in a 00.  Here are some of the other goodies that I saw:

Happy Shopping - Sarah

Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Happy Election Day!

No matter who you are voting for or what you believe, it's still an exciting day.  Maybe you'll be able to tell your kids "I remember where I was what I was wearing when there was a tie for President!" :)

VOTE! -Sarah