Thursday, January 12, 2012


Lauren Conrad's blog The Beauty Department recently posted an article about cutting hair.  According to the post, I should get my hair cut every 6-8 weeks.  I'm gonna admit...I haven't cut my hair since the end of September - that's about 14 weeks.  Eek!  {don't panic, I have an appt. February 6th}

Because I go so far between my trims, I try to keep my hair healthy!  I try not to wash it every day {I usually forgo water for dry shampoo 1-2 days per week} and at least once a week I try to let it air dry without subjecting it to any heat.  I also try to use decent products {decent...not $50 a bottle but not the cheapest stuff either}.  

Lately, this winter heat and the long, hot showers I am addicted to have really dried out my hair.  I've been paying a lot more attention to what I put on my hair, here are my favorite products:

This stuff is amazingly invigorating!  It has a fabulous minty fragrance that gives your scalp a tingling feeling and almost clears your senses.  Sadly, this is not for moisturizing so it has been put on the shelf until the weather warms up...I do go back to it maybe once a week because I can't stay away.

A lovely lady at Therapy Systems in Green Hills, Nashville pointed me to this product last week.  First let me say that the smell is fabulous, very spa like.  The product itself is also wonderful!  It really has moisturized my poor, dry locks.  I'm not sure where to find it in Knoxville so I'm trying to use it sparingly for now {I've told M to keep his paws off and stick to the Pantene}.  
p.s. That chick also recommended their finishing oil and this wonderful hair demo (found on Pinterest) also mentions a Moroccan Oil hairspray.  I'd like to look more into this brand.

This is usually my go-to!  When I was young, I was a diver and spent 3-4 nights a week in the pool.  My mom used to get this product for me during diving season to keep my hair protected from the chlorine.  It really is so luxurious on your hair and makes it so soft.  It makes a daily drying routine feel like a salon blow out.  

After shampooing/conditioning, I always apply this product:
It keeps hair soft, protects it from heat, minimizes fly aways and also helps hair air dry quicker so you spend less time under the blow dryer!  It's a Woody women family favorite.

What makes your locks lovely? -Sarah


  1. Mac uses the Tea Tree shampoos and LOVES it. I love the smell of it...if I used it on my hair, I think it would dry up and break off! I stick to Aveda shampoos.

  2. I want to see your Blair inspired outfit! Saw your tweet :)