Tuesday, January 10, 2012


As part of a New Year's {goal} to stay healthy, a big part of that is drinking more water (i.e. less Diet Coke).  I have found that I am more likely to drink the water from a fun bottle than just the normal type sold at the grocery store.  And this is earth and wallet-friendly!  Here are some great bottles to keep you hydrated:

I hate when my bottle sweats all over the desk.  This one is double-walled so it does not.  And it's got a great straw!

This one is uh-mazing!  It filters water as it is filled.  This would be great for me at school {I don't trust the school water fountains...}

One click to get to the straw and this baby is leak-proof!

I saved my favorite for last.  If you don't know Tervis, get introduced immediately!  Like the Camelbak, this is double walled so it doesn't sweat.  And it keeps your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot.  And it comes in a thousand different designs {this is my favorite for obvious reasons}.
Don't forget the fabulous travel lid {$4}.  It makes all the difference.  {M calls it my sippy cup}

Stay thirsty my friends -Sarah

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