Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Because I work at a school, certain websites are restricted...for obvious reasons.  Twitter is restricted but my blog is not!  Since I feel guilty for not posting anything lately - and I know all (what? 3?) of my readers are dying so today I will post my thoughts that would normally be tweets in my blog.

1.  I wish I was famous like Ellen so I could play pranks on people.

2.  Sometimes when I'm at recess, I get the urge to run around and play tag with the kids.  Bad idea?

Apologies - Sarah

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


As mentioned, M and I have moved into a new apartment.  Going from a one bedroom to a two bedroom, we essentially needed a whole other room's worth of stuff.  Trying to stick to a budget, I turned to the ole stand by:  Target (also pronounced tar-jay).

I did a ton of comparison shopping:  Home Goods, T.J. Maxx, West Elm, Ross, Company Store...even Wal Mart and Pottery Barn.  I did a lot of buying and returning and in the end every new item (save two bath and two hand towels) came from Target.  The combination of price and quality just could not be beat!  Here are some of my favorite new additions:

Love these bath coordinates - although in real life the hardware is more of a bronze color.  We went with the toothbrush holder and the soap pump!  (Love the little handle)

Dwell Studio for Target shower curtain.  Swoon.  As much as Stanley Tucci's character (TDWP) is on board for a ballerina skirt and a hint of saloon, I am on board for Dwell Studio.  Enough Said.

These beauts are not new to me but still available at Target - Dwell Studio towels and oven mitt.  I have them in the kitchen and LOVE them...they come in tons of colors.

I love the soft, luxurious feel of these towels at such a kind-to-my-wallet price.  I also got some great dark green towels that I couldn't find on the website. :(

I mentioned that all but some towels came from Target.  I got these great ditties from World Market!  I just love a good printed towel.  Note - these are more brown than black in "real life"

See you at Target Sept. 13? - Sarah

Friday, August 19, 2011


I have officially been the worst blogger ever!  Between starting at a new school and moving into a new apartment, I have been swamped sun up to sun down.  Add to that no cable or internet for the first four days of the apt and you've got my apologies.

To continue a two decade long tradition, on Sunday my Mom took me back to school shopping for my First Day of School outfit!  Here's what I came up with:

 J. Crew Blythe blouse in extravagant green (really the name of the color)
 Banana Republic lightweight wool skirt in Navy (I know it looks like charcoal but it's not)
Antonio Melani Lina flats - adorable but killed  my feet.  Definitely need to be stretched
I paired this all with a simple long gold chain necklace adorned with opaque navy beads and a classic watch.  I think the look was smart and professional without looking like a "Just out of college interview suit"...am I right ladies?

Happy Back to School - Sarah

Friday, August 05, 2011


T.  G.  I.  F.

This is my last weekend of freedom before I officially get back in the grind of the school year.  I'll be spending it with my best friends for a wedding in Nashville.  We've decided to ditch the dudes and go stag to this one.  I am so excited about the girls weekend I can barely type!  But first, my favorites:

Favorite ESPN Staffer:
Gracie!  I am so proud of my sweet friend...she's the one who introduced M and I and now she's in the big leagues with Erin Andrews and Kirk Herbstreit.  Seriously - she knows them.

Favorite Back to School Supply:
Sharpie Pens!  They DON'T BLEED through the paper.  I loved having these last year in black and blue but now they're available in purple, green, red and orange too!  I'd highly recommend these for anyone who writes (aka everyone).

Favorite Craft Supply:
If you haven't heard of Pick Your Plum, check it out here.  On Tuesday, I scored 9 yards of elastic for only $2.70!
I could use this for hairbands or thanks to the link on the Pick Your Plum site, any of these uses!

Favorite Max Pic:
Sleepy Max - Photo Credit goes to M.

Happy weekend - Sarah

Tuesday, August 02, 2011


I recently shared my easy postcard print project that I did in about 10 minutes.  I was just perusing the Anderson Design Group website contemplating another project when I stumbled upon:

Look familiar?  I'll give you a hint...

Now I will say mine is not as cool as theirs.  Theirs is hand-crafted in Franklin, TN using an old-fashioned bead board frame and is sans glass.  But it's also priced at $89.00...my creation totaled $31. 69 (+ tax) and I still have 25 postcards.  My next project will only cost the price of the frame!  

I love d.i.y. for less!

Happy saving - Sarah

Monday, August 01, 2011


If you don't religiously follow Princess Kate's outfit choices, you probably haven't noticed.  She.  Repeats.  Outfits.  I LOVE IT!  Who hasn't felt the stress to buy a new dress for every single wedding or party?  I love how the Duchess of Cambridge is setting an example that it is okay to wear something twice, thrice, or even more.  

Jeans by J Brand worn on many occasions of the North American Tour, also note the repeated loafers (middle and right).

This dress was first seen in 2007 (four years ago!) out clubbing with Pippa (left) and then again this June to a wedding (right).

This blue Zara dress was worn to Prince Phillip's 90th birthday (left) and leaving Buckingham Palace one and a half months earlier (middle).  She had also worn the coat to a wedding in 2009 (right)!  In the middle are the often seen wedges that I referenced here.

This suit was worn on a visit to Whitton Park (left) and for the official portrait of the North American tour (right).  (Will also repeated a tie!)

Perhaps we should all take a note from Princess Catherine and invest in classic items that will last for years... *note - all pictures were taken from The Cut's Look Book

Have a royal day - Sarah