Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Last week, I looked down at my jewelry shelf {we have no storage in our bathroom so I've stacked this and this to give us more space}, and noticed it was a mess!  I just wasn't utilizing the height in the space.
I looked around and stumbled upon MUJI's understated, convenient acrylic drawers.  I've always seen drawers like these on shows like The Kardashians and didn't see a need for them until now.
{note:  this is not all of my jewelry, just my most used pieces}

*Nerd Alert:  I hate making returns so I measured and sketched out all of my options before deciding on my final purchase.

I ended up ordering:

They came in a thoughtfully packed package!

I was really excited to see how perfectly the velour inserts fit into the drawers.  You can put two small trays in side-by-side and there is no room for slipping.  

So here's how I filled the drawers:

Standby statement necklaces and rings: {there's my wedding band on the left!}

Most worn simple necklaces

Bangles, bracelets and watches

Go to earrings, Tiffany's necklace in pouch, Crest whitestrips

Here's a view from the top and then the set snuggled back in its shelf
Isn't that ring dish adorable?  One of my amaze bridesmaids sent it from Anthropologie to keep my engagement ring handy.   She's the best!

Sorry for the long post - I am just obsessed with this new organization!  I'll post more about where I store the rest of my jewelry soon.

Happy organizing -Sarah

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  1. It's me, it's me! I'm the amazing bridesmaid.