Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I am all for the summer wedge trend and constantly finding myself browsing for the perfect pair at the perfect price.  I recently came upon some expensive Sam Edelman shoes that I looooved..except for the price.  But, don't fear - apparently carbon copies are also in style this year.

1.   2. 
3.    4. 

1.  Sam Edelman - Leroy - $149
2.  Enzo Angiolini - Ramie - $82.50 (sale)
3.  Black Rooster - Highpeak - $64.35 (sale)
4.  N.Y.L.A. - Kevinne - $79.00

Happy Shopping - Sarah

Friday, June 24, 2011


As many other Americans, I am now obsessed with Kate and Pippa (yes, we're on a first name basis).  So here's a little update on some of the Middleton Sister news.

Last Saturday, Pippa completed a duathlon (30 mile bike and 20 mile run) in a little over 5 hours.  This explains her bangin' bod from the wedding.  
*note:  not long after the wedding she also completed a triathlon
**note 2:  i have that shirt in two other colors.  yesssss.

For anyone interested in seeing all of Kate's slightly bland but amazingly classic and adoringly easy looks, head over to The Cut Blog and check out her look book.  You might notice her black wedge heels that she wears all the time (i.e. day before and day after the wedding) pictured above.  Well, excitingly, I just snagged myself a look-a-like pair from Nine West - on sale too!  
*don't forget to use ebates when buying from Nine West (I got $1.66 back)

Alice Temperley recently disappointed the masses when she announced that Pippa's maid of honor reception dress would be one of a kind and not reproduced for retail.  Well, fear not Pippa-wannabes.  Vera Wang's new bridesmaid collection for David's Bridal was released this week and I spy with my little blue eye a cousin to Pippa's green gem.

Cheerio - sarah


I am loving these new (to me) goodies!

 Emi-Jay hair ties.  Love.  They are such a cute way to pull your hair back.  They come in a million and five colors (including a USA combo).  I bought one in a store in Green Hills Mall to see if I liked it before committing and I just ordered a 5 pack from the Emi-Jay website.
Mr. Pumice is my new best friend.  Let me tell you that the best pedicure I've ever received was free..from my mother.  She is a maniac about her nail tools and is always looking for the best thing to clean up that dead skin.  She found this at Sally Beauty and after trying hers I went out and bought one.  Best part?  The price - $2.69.

This isn't new to me, but I love to share the gospel with any given chance.  I have had struggled with acne since my teens.  I tried every prescription the dermatologist threw at me and had some pretty gross reactions to topical gels.  In December after dropping another $100+ on some new miracle acne solution I gave up and tried something simple.  Clinique.  I have had clear skin now for 6 months and counting.  AMAZE.  If you have any acne woes, try this.  You will not be disappointed.
*note - get it at Sephora to use your Beauty Insider points :) 

These things are the bomb.com.  Having a dog with big paws, my walls sometimes get marked up when Max tries to make an escape.  The magic eraser takes it off in one quick swipe.
*try the extra strength.

 Mom always said, "If it sounds too good to be true it probably is."  Well, sorry Mom...in this case you're wrong.  It's easy peasy - you sign up and just shop!  Go to your favorite online stores (J. Crew anyone!?) through links on the ebates website and buy away.  You will receive a percentage of your total as a cash back award!  Sign up here and you get a $5.00 credit for getting started!

What new goodies have you fallen in love with lately? -Sarah

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Well.  I've caved.  I've joined the masses and started a blog.  It's summer...I'm bored and living alone and have too many thoughts to share.

Here I'll leave my random thoughts, latest finds and purchases, and anything else I want to - expect lots of pictures of my dog Max.  In college, a friend told my bff J and I we should have a reality show.  This is the closest I'll ever come.

note about the title:  I'll take any excuse to drink champagne.