Thursday, January 05, 2012


You might've seen the Instagram {over in the right side of the blog} of my holiday manicure.  I layered OPI San Tan-tonio with two glitters.  I'm not sure of the names but they were something like Crown Me Already and Spark de Triomphe.  It looked like this:

Well I loved the look until it came to removal.  If you've tried taking off a glitter polish you now how the cotton gets all stuck in the glitter and it is a pain!  I saw a solution on Pinterest and tried it out.  It was amazing!

Nail polish remover
2 cotton swabs {I prefer the round}
Aluminum foil

1.  Cut the swabs into 10 pieces, 5 per swab
2.  Cut the foil into 10 pieces
3.  Dip a swab in polish remover, stick it on top of the nail and wrap in foil
4.  Repeat 9 times {careful - it gets tricky on the second hand }
5.  Wait.  The pinterest post said 5 minutes, I waited about 3 {impatient} and it worked really well on the first 7 nails, the last 3 could've used more time.
6.  Remove foil and swabs and voila!  No more glitter!  Use another swab just to remove any leftover polish.

Got any beautiful manis lately?  -Sarah

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