Friday, January 20, 2012


My goal is to get up at least 2 favorites in a month....  Here goes:

Favorite New Song
Ghost by Ingrid Michaelson

When spring rolls around, I always get a hankering to lay in a field at Cherokee Park and listen to girly music {It's how I spent every spring in college with my bff J}.  Now that I have a big girl job, the laying the park is less realistic but music, I can do.  This weird weather {50s in January} has kicked in that craving early this year.  I can't wait for Ingrid's new album to come out January 24th.  
*note:  M has introduced me to buying cds on amazon - they're usually cheaper than iTunes and you have the hard copy to share back up purchases

Favorite Lunch Hobby
As mentioned here, I have been addicted to discovering and reading new blogs.  Being a teacher, my lunch is approximately 20-25 minutes long a.k.a. not long enough to go out.  I have gotten into a fabulous rhythm of watching Ellen and catching up on my bookmarked blogs.  Its phenomenal and makes me not want to pick up my kids from lunch.  :)

Favorite Upcoming Project
I'll tease you with one picture and you'll have to wait for the post to see the rest.

Favorite Classic Reality
Over Christmas, I netflixed and watched the entire series of Felicity.  Now I'm onto another classic:
Look how terrible Olivia looks in this picture...serves her right for the way she treated Whitney.  Am I right ladies?

Favorite Pick Me Up
Handsome Dogs is amazing.  The pictures are beautiful and you can search by breed.  I looked at the German Shepherds and was in love...they can be so majestic and demanding at times.  These pics just make you feel happy and fuzzy and wonderful!

Any fun Friday finds? -Sarah

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