Friday, July 22, 2011


Not long ago, I posted some of my favorite iPhone apps in honor of G (aka G Money).  See the original post here.  I've added to that list and am bringing you More Awesome Apps!  Enjoy:

Starbucks Card - Free - I have a theory that iPhones will eventually replace your whole wallet.  Enter: Starbucks Card app.  Store all of your Starbucks gift cards here and let the barista scan your phone for payment.  *note - don't throw the gift cards away just yet, this is a work in progress.  Not all locations have scanners yet (but use the app to find out which stores do).

Hanging with Friends - $1.99 or Free -  This is Hangman plus Scrabble.  My boyfriend and I are addicted!  You make up the words from pre-determined letters and let your friend guess.  They also get lifelines to help out.  But if you miss five words, you're not hung, you're dropped into HOT LAVA!

The Oregon Trail - $0.99 - You did not misread that.  The game that was a hit in 1990s elementary computer labs across the country is now available on a phone near you!  And still may ford a river or lose your party members to dysentery.
 Instagram - Free - This is a fun photo app that will turn ordinary pictures into vintage looking works of art.  You can choose from a variety of "washes" to use on your picture and then post them to Facebook or Twitter.  Be careful though, whatever you share can be seen with other Instagram users.  Keep it PG.

Netflix - Free - If you don't have a Netflix subscription this isn't much use to you.  But if you are a member it is awesome!  Stream any Watch Instantly selections directly to your phone.  A must-have for road trips.  Let me suggest the full Arrested Development TV series to start.
Kindle for iPhone - Free - We all thought the Kindle would end book sharing but I've found a loophole.  My parents have a Kindle so I've used their amazon account on this app and we can all access the same books!  Anything they download I can read (for free).  :)  Make sure you read The Help before the movie!

Happy Downloading - Sarah

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