Monday, July 25, 2011


 I recently cleaned out my closet at my parents' house (so I could move back in.  With my dog.  And my boyfriend) and found some classic goodies:

 Who else still has their caboodle?  I just can't part with it!

 This pictures all of the "it" bags from my college experience.  The "big 4" if you will:  Vera, Vineyard Vines, Coach and Dooney.  Together, they make one unstoppable, sorority, going-out girl!

I found one more bag that I had totally forgotten I Longchamp!  In 2006, my best friend J and I went to Europe and quickly noticed that Longchamp bags were everywhere!  I instantly fell in love with the classic simplicity and found one on sale at a local ladies boutique that was going out of business!  As with most great bags, I carried it for the season, put it in the closet and come next year I wanted something new.

I am so happy to have rediscovered this lightweight bag!  It is PERFECT for summer!  I was feeling really bogged down with my big, heavy (still beautiful) leather cross body bag and this has totally changed that!  

I love that the bags never change, so my 5 year old bag still looks current and en vogue (they still sell the exact same one).  I do wish there were more organizational pockets inside, but it's small enough that I can still find my stuff.  

If you need a classic, go-to bag...definitely check out Longchamp!  You can also customize a bag with your favorite colors and monogram.  Nothing better than a monogram!  And if you need a holiday bag there is also this one?!
Hit or Miss?  What do you think?

Go through your's like treasure hunting.  - Sarah

*note - the first two pictures were taken with the Instagram app as mentioned here.

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