Thursday, July 07, 2011


Okay, enough with the alliteration. :)

One of my best friends, G (or as she asked to be referred to "G Money"), recently received an iPhone for her work and was lost in the wide world of apps.  To help her out, or anyone else looking to spruce up their iPhone, here are my favorite apps:

Words with Friends - $1.99 or Free - If you haven't heard about this app, get out of your cave!  It is Scrabble + Friends = Addiction!  There is a free version, but the extra charge may be worth avoiding the annoying ads.  
Pandora - Free - The best music app.  Personalize your own radio stations based on an artist or song.  If the station isn't what you thought at first, stick with it.  Use the thumps up and down to groom your station to your taste.

 Runner's World SmartCoach - $0.99 - If you're a runner and training for a race, this app is so convenient for a training schedule.  I usually use Hal Higdon's training plans and the SmartCoach seems comparable in scheduling.  Now, please invent an app that will train for I right ladies?
 Stylebook - $3.99 - Who else kept a daily journal of their outfits in middle school and high school?  No one...yeah, me neither.  Well if you did, this is the technological version of that!  Keep track of the clothes in your closet, mark outfits on a calendar, and store inspirational styles all in one place.
 Walgreens - Free - If you ever want to develop pictures from directly from your phone, do that through this app.  I use it every month to easily renew my prescriptions (you can even scan the bar code on your bottle to refill).
 Rains Free Sleepmaker - Free - I had never slept to a sound machine but now if I'm having a restless night, I turn to this.  The same company has other versions, like White Noise and Ocean.  I also like to put this on when my students need some calming down.  They love the natural noise.

What are your go-to apps?

There's an app for that - Sarah

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