Tuesday, July 26, 2011


In case you haven't heard, Borders is closing.  Personal feeling aside, that means liquidation!  My friend K and I went to check out the deals this afternoon and were disappointed.  Most books were only 10% off...that's barely tax.  Magazines were 40% off though!

I did happen upon a pack of Knoxville postcards that I loved and decided to turn them into some art.  You've probably seen the vintage looking prints from Anderson Design Group somewhere among your travels.  The prints started in Nashville and have spread across the country including many of the National Parks.

I got a pack of 28 postcards (2 of each of 14 designs) that were priced $12.99 with 10% off.
I immediately zipped over to Hobby Lobby and found a collage frame that fits 3 4x6s.  I really wanted to find a frame that fit more but this was good enough for my first go at it.  It was $39.99 but 50% off!
 When I got home, I picked out my three favorite postcards and quickly learned they weren't 4x6 but actually something like 4.2x5.8.  In order to trim a little off the sides, I taped (just one small piece folded over) the postcard to the picture that came in the frame and trimmed the edges with scissors.
You can sort of see how the postcard just barely doesn't fit the 4x6 picture.  I tried using a paper cutter first but the edges were so small and the paper was too thick to cut neatly.  Scissors worked great!

Then I just slipped the postcards inside and *bam* I've got new home decor!
 This whole project (minus shopping time) took maybe 10 minutes!  I can't wait to make another one - I still have 25 prints.  I'd like to put together the food-related prints (i.e. Farmers Market) for a piece in the kitchen.  And how cute would the zoo animals be for a kids room?  Or maybe I'll order some of the prints from cities that I've visited to fill a larger frame...the possibilities are endless. :)

 Go make something! - Sarah

Even the easiest projects exhaust some guys...

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