Monday, February 06, 2012


Let me preface this post by saying that I rarely get rid of jewelry.  It is so small and easy to store that I hold onto pieces I never wear in case they come back in style, or I need them for a dress up party...bottom line:  don't judge me!

I recently wrote about organizing my go-to jewelry area.  I mentioned that this showed only my most worn pieces and here is more information about where I keep the rest of my baubles.

As I've commented before, the storage situation in my apartment is not exactly roomy.  In an effort to play up the "loft look" they installed small little vanities.  In my vanity, I keep some of my extra earrings stored underneath my makeup in a box that I've used since college.

This was intended to be a bead box but fits earrings perfectly.

My disclaimer was for reals, check out these sweet chandelier earrings.  All I need now is a going out top, jeans and pointy pumps and I'm ready for a 2004 fraternity rush party.

Moving on...

My closet is a very frustrating sort of rectangular shape.  The corners are totally wasted because the hangers run into each other.  

In this confusing closet, I have had to be very clever of my use of space.  Here, I've found a place to store jewelry!  Look closely...

 I've hung the Real Simple Hanging Jewelry Organizer from Bed, Bath and Beyond behind my shirts.  Here's an unobstructed view:

I love the velcro hangers for my statement necklaces, but hate how it makes it lopsided.

And on the back, are less worn earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Not to mention, this game day gem....

This system isn't perfect or very convenient but it works for now.  

Where do you store your jewelry? -Sarah

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