Monday, February 13, 2012


STD = Wedding lingo for Save the Dates....took me a minute to get that.  :)

So this is my first wedding reveal post - my Save the Dates.  For my wedding, it's been tough to balance my reasonable budget with my love of paper goods.  For my STDs, I found an idea on Pinterest that I immediately fell for and just new that I was going to DIY it.  

Chevron + kraft paper and I was hooked.  This was such a simple concept, I knew I could make it work.

The long rewarding process:
1.  I looked all over for a large stamp or stencil of a chevron print and could not find anything!  I was shocked.  So I bought stencil film and traced a chevron pattern on it and cut it out.  I then used your basic white craft paint and foam stencil brushes and that's where it got tedious.  My mom and I painted each and every one of the 80 STDs.  {Our paper was kraft scrapbook paper cut in half}
2.  After each of the pages were painted and dry, we ran them through the printer twice.  On the painted side, we printed addresses {ours and theirs} and a little note: "we're getting married"
3.  On the other side we printed a June calendar with our date circled, the city, our names and our wedding website.  The design was very simple, created in Microsoft Word with a downloaded font.
4.  Using a glue stick and scrapbooking photo corners, we inserted our picture {printed as a 3 1/2 x 5}.  This picture was taken about 4 years ago, at the beginning of our relationship.  We were out hiking and another couple offerred to take our picture and it turned out to be epic!  Even though we'd only known each other for 6 months, I thought that would be the perfect pic for a Save the Date.
5.  All folded up and ready to go {sans postage}.
6.  The guests would see our little note on the back before opening.  We also added clear sticker seals to keep the package closed during processing.

Although these Save the Dates took longer than anticipated to complete, I am so proud of them and received many compliments.  Sadly, my fiance and parents vetoed d.i.y. invites because of my level of stress while finishing these.  Another downside to these handmade announcements was that we have added some guests to the list since making these but don't have anymore STDs to send out.  

Stay tuned for another wedding reveal -Sarah

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