Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Part 1 of my 2-Part Oscars wrap up.  {The other part with be a fashion focus}

Cirque du Soleil Performance
This was totally amped up as the most cirque performers ever but I was a bit let down.  I've seen two Cirque shows {Elvis and La Nouba} and the Fire Within TV series in its entirety and we're seeing O for my bach bash {VEGAS!}.  Basically, I am a Cirque connoisseur.  Duh.  
I thought the show was very impressive but not presented in the best way.  At the end, there was just so much going on that each performer sort of ran together and you missed a lot of the action!  Sad.

Bret McKenzie
Bret won the Oscar for Best Original Song for The Muppets (which I still haven't seen!  argh!).  
I was so excited to see Bret - I know him from Flight of the Conchords.  If you aren't familiar zip over to Netflix and add it to your queue!  This show is hilariously offbeat and super kooky. If you (foolishly) don't want to invest the time, at least download Business Time (an original song) and you own't regret it.

Viola Davis
I'm gonna go ahead and get on the bandwagon - I LOVED HER HAIR!  
Before (with wig):               After (without wig):
I just think it was so great of her to celebrate her true self and not what she thought America wanted to see.  She still looked amaze and she produced a natural glow that I haven't seen in her before.  Go girl!

I just love that this movie has gotten so much positive attention this year.
I think all of these women looked gorgeous proving that women with a sense of humor can be a knockout as well.  (p.s. anyone else a total Gilmore Girls fan and love seeing Suki again?  p.p.s. Rose Byrn in Marie Antoinette - check it out)

There were so many more wonderful moments this year at the Oscars but I will stop here.  See you in Part 2! -Sarah

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