Tuesday, December 18, 2012


This was our first Christmas as a married couple so the card had to be fabulous!  Duh.  I found a fabulous card that I ordered from Tiny Prints.  I think they were having some sort of sale, but I don't remember what it was now.  

I went with this design in black, with rounded corners and red envelopes.  I was very impressed with the thickness of the envelopes, the timely delivery and the quality of printing!

Sadly, there were no matching address labels so I went with something similar.  

One thing that I didn't love about TP was that you can't move the text around on the picture.  There were some designs that I loved, but the text was printed at the bottom and that would've covered up my dress.   After ordering, I saw a couple of cards from Minted and think I will look into this site next year.  They are a bit more expensive but have more designs that I liked and more options for personalization.

What do your cards look like? -Sarah 

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