Thursday, December 27, 2012


*note - Wrote this post last week and forgot to post.  There are so many other great deals out there now, but M and I are on a strict budget in preparation for the new house {eeeeekkkk}...

All of these holiday deals have enticed me to pick up a few things for myself.  :/  Whoops!  Here are some of my latest additions to my wardrobe.  

J.Crew Polka Dot Ponte Dress - Got it for 25% off on Black Friday!
Recently wore it to a friend's engagement party...see the look here.

J.Crew Loomknit Sweatshirt - Ordered this Sunday for 30%off
Originally $69.50, mine for $20.93 plus tax!

J.Crew Sequin Stripe Tee - Also got this on Sunday.
Originally $128, mine for $41.99!

Factory Double-Serge Wool Mini - Ordered this one day with 30% off then again the next day when it was upped to 40% off!  Haha!

Factory Classic Button-Down - Layered it under a pea green v-neck the other day, see the look here.

GapFit Breathe V-Neck Tee - I now have this in FOUR colors!  It is so soft and loose enough to feel flattering, even on chubby days.  I wear it to Barre class or on a run.

LOFT Metallic Colorblock Sweater - Got this is one of those rare (#sarcasm) LOFT sales...40% off!  My sister tried to talk me out of's a bit boxy, not super flattering.  I just let the comfort of it override that!  Wore it in a layered look, check it out!

LOFT Sequin Detail Striped Cotton Tee - Can't get enough nautical striped tees...

Madewell Lily Lace Dress - Actually got this in red to wear to the aforementioned engagement party, but the bride was wearing red as well!  I kept it around for a holiday party - the silhouette is timeless.  p.s. I think it was 25 or 30% off that day
{update...see my final look here}

Target Vianca Tuxedo Flats - Not super comfortable but love the look!  I wasn't sure how much I would wear a smoking loafer so I wanted my first pair to be cost effective (aka cheap!).  I've already worn these a ton though.  I most recently wore them for a tacky xmas pub crawl!

Now that I see it all laid out there, I feel like I've been naughty in the shopping department!  Whoops!  
Safe spending - Sarah

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