Thursday, December 20, 2012


Even though it's not Christmas yet, I shall reveal M's Christmas gifts.  :)  We are currently house-hunting so we decided to forego traditional gifts and just do stockings with a $50 limit.  Here is what I came up with:

J.Crew Boxers - $14.99 - 30% = $10.49
This is always a go-to when shopping for husband for any holiday!  I just love picking out a fun design <-- nerd comment.  There were others that I liked much more but this was the only one available in his size.  

Darn Tough Vermont Socks via J.Crew - $17 - 30% = $11.90
M travels to Montreal, Canada often so wool socks are just plain practical.

Griffin  iPhone Car Charger - $6.97
Husband broek mine so I ordered two - one for me and one for him!

This is an awesome website!  You pick out 9 Instagram photos and the send you a sheet of magnets.  This is almost a gift more for me than him...haha.  I included pictures of a couple of our travels but mostly of Max!
*First person to use code FRIENDGSSH gets $2 off!

Grand total:  $44.35 before tax!  Perhaps I will also grab a $5 giftcard somewhere.  :)
Nothing groundbreaking here but I think they will be fun!  

What are you getting for your loved ones?  -Sarah


  1. Finally caught up on my Google reader and used the StickyGram code! Woohoo for a discount!

    1. Yay - you are truly hipster-chic! I want to do more of these as a way of getting those pics off my phone and into real life.