Friday, November 04, 2011


Well it's that time again - FRIDAY!  Another week ticked off on my way to Christmas Break...too soon?

Favorite Pick-Me-Up
Christmas decor is finally starting to show up (yeah right it's been there since July 4th)!  Although I don't allow myself to personally indulge in Christmas cheer until after Thanksgiving, I can't say I hate seeing it in stores and hearing the music and then there's the red cups.  I do still wish they wouldn't put it out so early - it seems to lose its magical sparkle.  
Favorite OCD Accessory
I picked up this tip on the (un)official J.Crew Blog.  It's a website and an app.

TeuxDeux - "French" for to-do.  I love how simple and easy to use this to-do list is!  You can categorize your tasks by day and drag them around to prioritize.  And when you're done, you have that satisfactory crossing-off line!  Best Part?  There's a Someday section - travel abroad, run the NYC marathon, organize my closet... The list and website automatically link so you're up to date no matter what technology you're on.  This has been awesome for wedding planning.

Favorite Old but New
One of my first blog posts ever sited my find of the website Ebates.  I signed up back in June and  recently cashed my first check!!!  Don't get too excited, it was only for $7.70 but hey that is FREE MONEY!  It'll buy two starbucks.  :)

Favorite New Blog/Fashion Inspiration
Atlantic-Pacific.  I am loving this chick's fearless style.  She's not afraid to layer or mix prints and I want all of her wardrobe.  She's got a look that is preppy but super fresh!  Here's one of my favorites that I want to recreate.
The best part is that she incorporates a ton of pieces from BR, Gap, J.Crew and Zara so her looks seem achievable for a teacher's budget.

Favorite Holiday Channel
Who doesn't love ABC Family around the holidays?  First, 13 Nights of Halloween.  I had the joy of watching Christina Ricci in Casper (hello Devon Sawa) and Addams Family.  It's a classic flashback.  Now it's almost time for Countdown to 25 Days of Christmas.  
Happy Friday - Sarah


  1. I love Atlantic Pacific as well! Do you read Cupcakes and Cashmere?

  2. Oh - I may have to! In my {spare} time...