Monday, November 21, 2011


There are some things in my life that are classics and never need to be updated no matter what the trends are.  One of these things is Lands End Bags.  My family has had these for as long as I can remember monogrammed with our last name.  We've come to call them Woody bags.  

These are perfect for just about any toting you might have to do.  Ours all have just our last name in all caps - very simple.  They've now become legend with all of my friends.  It's a solid wedding gift.  This year, I had many friends get married and they all received a set {medium, large, extra large} in their own personal color with their new last name monogrammed.

When my sister announced she was pregnant, I sent over a large bag labeled "Baby Heath" and a {super adorable} teeny bag for baby's favorite things.

Get a tote in time for Christmas! - Sarah

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