Friday, June 24, 2011


I am loving these new (to me) goodies!

 Emi-Jay hair ties.  Love.  They are such a cute way to pull your hair back.  They come in a million and five colors (including a USA combo).  I bought one in a store in Green Hills Mall to see if I liked it before committing and I just ordered a 5 pack from the Emi-Jay website.
Mr. Pumice is my new best friend.  Let me tell you that the best pedicure I've ever received was free..from my mother.  She is a maniac about her nail tools and is always looking for the best thing to clean up that dead skin.  She found this at Sally Beauty and after trying hers I went out and bought one.  Best part?  The price - $2.69.

This isn't new to me, but I love to share the gospel with any given chance.  I have had struggled with acne since my teens.  I tried every prescription the dermatologist threw at me and had some pretty gross reactions to topical gels.  In December after dropping another $100+ on some new miracle acne solution I gave up and tried something simple.  Clinique.  I have had clear skin now for 6 months and counting.  AMAZE.  If you have any acne woes, try this.  You will not be disappointed.
*note - get it at Sephora to use your Beauty Insider points :) 

These things are the  Having a dog with big paws, my walls sometimes get marked up when Max tries to make an escape.  The magic eraser takes it off in one quick swipe.
*try the extra strength.

 Mom always said, "If it sounds too good to be true it probably is."  Well, sorry this case you're wrong.  It's easy peasy - you sign up and just shop!  Go to your favorite online stores (J. Crew anyone!?) through links on the ebates website and buy away.  You will receive a percentage of your total as a cash back award!  Sign up here and you get a $5.00 credit for getting started!

What new goodies have you fallen in love with lately? -Sarah

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