Friday, June 29, 2012


It's happening.  It's all happening!

Last night, my bff {J} and I picked up one of the bridesmaids at airport {the one who introduced M and I!} while three others arrived at J's house.  My sister {MOH} and niece arrived three days ago.  The bridesmaid brunch is in t-minus 3 hrs. 

It's all happening!

I can't believe that my wedding is tomorrow.  This planning period has gone by so viciously quickly considered I had to wait four and a half years for that ring!

I plan to try and remain calm, cry as little as possible, soak in every moment and of course drink champagne at every turn and opportunity!  I can't wait to get back and do a plethora of wedding posts.  

Until then...enjoy these clips.  Some of my favorite movie weddings {and one TV wedding}:

The Other Sister

Father of the Bride

Sixteen Candles

The Princess Bride

The Office {I can't even watch this without bawling!}

At last.... -Sarah

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