Thursday, June 21, 2012


It's the final countdown!!!  My wedding is in 9 days!!!  We are officially on the 10-day forescast:
*keep your fingers crossed that this maintains.

I've picked up a few last minute items {some good deals, some splurges}...honestly, between my bachelorette party and the honeymoon this month has just been a free for all spending-wise.  I'll have to be a penny pincher in my married life.  

This is one of those deals too good to pass up.  I recently saw this gorgeous lace peplum top at Banana Republic and couldn't justify the $79.50 price tag.  Luckily my mom and I popped in last night and I found this jewel on the sale rack for $39.99 and I had a 40% off coupon for Secret Sale Wednesday - $23.99...I'll take it!
And look at this precious detail in the back.

LuckyBrand has some absolutely amazing tops with a light hippy feel.  Mom and I were oogling over so many of their items but not quite the price tags.  Feeling forlorn, we scooted into Belk and low and behold....Lucky on sale!!!  
Couldn't decide between these two but ended up going with the navy because the other one was very similar to this top I already have and love.  
Originally $89.50, On sale for $53.70 (plus tax, minus a store credit...I paid $6.22!)

This was a wedding-fueled splurge!  I've been eyeing this Kate Spade necklace ever since M put a ring on my finger.

 I plan on wearing it daily on the honeymoon - part of my light packing plan:  minimal jewelry.  
Who doesn't love the packing details?

Any good finds lately? -Sarah

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