Sunday, May 06, 2012


WARNING:  Loooong post ahead.  And please excuse the picture quality - taken with my iPhone.

I woke up this morning and bebopped on over to the Tar-jay to explore the new shops.  In some areas, my expectations were spot on while in other sections I found myself slightly let down. 

Let me begin by saying that I had pictured little boutique type set ups within the store...sort of similar to when they used to do their worldly home decor section.  Instead this is more like the Ends of Aisles at Target than Shops at Target.  Other than The Webster collection, the other "shops" were merely an aisle end.  Read on for specifics...

Walking in you see:

..and each of the shops is marks by one of these signs which was wonderful when I was there specifically for this occasion!

First up...The Candy Store:
The packaging was adorable but the candy was about the same as you could get before Shops at Target.  I would perhaps go for one of those oversized lollipops as an adorable gift for something. 

Then...COS BAR:
Not even a full aisle end...the bottom two shelves were cotton balls and q-tips.  A lot of their stuff seemed pretty cheapy {$1 for a foot great could that really be?!} and the colors screamed Halloween to me...the nail polishes were green, orange and purple and all shimmery.  
I did pick up a body scrub:
It was $6 - I'll let you know how it is!

Privet House was one that I was really excited to see and then sadly let down.
The collection was split into two completely different areas:  office supplies and storage/organization.  The second area was not marked with a hanging sign and was oddly near pet supplies and rubbermaids.  The online store has a ton of cute stuff that was not available locally.  I didn't purchase anything from this shop but I did consider this cute stationary set: 

Max's favorite..Polka Dog Bakery:
The treats were really cute but they were tiny...looks like it was geared towards small dogs.  Sorry Max.

And finally...The Webster:
 This store has the most items of any Shop and it was spread throughout the store.  My local Target had women's clothes and accessories {separately located},
men's clothes,
and lingerie.

Women's clothes:  I was really impressed by this collection!  The quality really seems to have improved since the disaster that was Jason Wu for Target.  I picked up a great, classic eyelet skirt that I can wear to school or real life. :)
*it's written eyelit on the website...that's wrong, right?

I would've gotten this adorable summer frock if I didn't already have two very similar dresses:
Crossback Tiered Dress $39.99

And I tried this on and loved how cute it would've looked with a bright yellow belt, but I couldn't justify the purchase.  {Without a belt it is like a tent fyi}
Sleeveless Jersey Dress $29.99

I was slightly annoyed that the ads in-store featured items that were not available right there. 
I would've loved to try on this dress but it was nowhere to be found.  

The lingerie would be perfect for a tropical getaway.  I may go back for some honeymoon items.  :)  I wish we would've had The Webster shoes - the espadrilles and the cap toe wedges are adorable!   

Thoughts?!  Made any purchases?!  -Sarah

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  1. I tried on that colorblock dress and pictured it with a neon yellow belt too! I had to smile when I read that you thought the same thing. I am an XS and I agree that it had to have the belt. It needed to be brought in a little at the waist.
    My target had the coral dress you wanted to try on. I actually tried it on, and liked it a ton. So I definitely think you should order it online. It would be great with a turquoise statement necklace with it.