Friday, May 11, 2012


Happy happy Friday!

Most Favorite
I only have 10 more days of school {only 7 1/2 of those with kids} until summer!  And one of those days is field day {sock tan} and another of the days we go to the Smokies baseball game!  Almost summer....

Favorite Basic Tee
I am always looking for good basic tee shirts.  I seem to wear them constantly and they are constantly getting holes {near the belly button area, anyone else?!}!  This is my latest find that is super comfy, not too low in the front and hasn't gotten a hole yet.  Not to mention the colors! 
 GAP Mercer V-Neck Pocket Tee $19.95 - $22.95
*Use your Ebates account for 2% cashback
*Use code GAPHAPPY for 20% off

Favorite Exfoliant
So I tired the COS BAR scrub and it was a bust.  It smelled good {and not too fragrant} but it wasn't scrubby enough for me.  I like my exfoliant gritty.  This is one of my old favorites and I hadn't used it in about a year and a half but now it's back!
 Clinique Exfoliating Scrub $18.50
*Use your Ebates account for 8% cashback

Favorite Me-Gift
As you may know I recently ran the Country Music Marathon and to reward myself for those 26.2 miles, I got a new summer purse!  I loooooove it!
Brompton Straw Mini-Hobo $188
*6% cashback on Ebates

M and I are going to a Coheed and Cambria concert tomorrow night.  Talk about getting out of my comfort zone.  What will I wear?  
Any fun weekend plans? -Sarah

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