Thursday, September 01, 2011


I've blogged about this wonderful craft site before (here if you missed it), but I just wanted to tell you again how amaze their deals are!!!  The first thing I love about them are the lack of e-mails.  Yes, you read that correctly.

I hate websites that after you sign up, you are flooded with 8 e-mails a day.  Pick Your Plum just sends one thoughtful reminder a day and that's it.  They only have one product per day so it's a very quick decision whether to follow the link or delete and move on in life. 

Today's jewel is a great deal:  2 pairs of leaf earrings...$3.50...$2.50 shipping.  That's $6 for four total earrings (two pair)!  Who cares if they're out of style in a couple months - that's a steal!
Just remember, it's like Ikea.  Great prices, assembly not included...but I'm pretty sure Max could even put these together.  Hop on over to Pick Your Plum and sign up!

Happy Picking - Sarah

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