Wednesday, September 14, 2011


If you live anywhere in the Southern hemisphere of the United States then you know.  It's football time of the happiest times of the year (better than Christmas according to M).  In order to be a tailgate-onishta, you might want to invest in some of these:

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1.  This watch is on the top of my birthday list (less than one month!).  I love all of the strap options available at J. Crew - there's one for every team color.
2.  I am all for gorgeous uncomfortable the right time and place.  A long game day deserves comfy shoes.  You'll appreciate it when you're out afterward and you've been on your feet for 12 hours.  (Plus, I love this color of Rainbows)
3.  Um.  Collapsible flask.  For your water?!
4.  For those fall transition days when it's 90 degrees during the day and down to 60 at night, stuff a thin cardi in your purse.
5.  I might invest now.  $43.00!  Pros: nylon a.k.a. waterproof in case of spills/rain, lots of pockets for your goodies, cross-body strap so you don't have to sit it on the gross stadium floor, comes in every possible team color!  Cons: none.
6.  Emi-Jay hair ties so you can throw up your hair when you're trekking across campus and pull it down without a crease when you run into fellow alum.
7.  Adorable lightweight Scout bag to hold all of your tailgating goodies.
p.s. if you noticed, I am partial to orange...

GoVOLS! - Sarah

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