Friday, August 05, 2011


T.  G.  I.  F.

This is my last weekend of freedom before I officially get back in the grind of the school year.  I'll be spending it with my best friends for a wedding in Nashville.  We've decided to ditch the dudes and go stag to this one.  I am so excited about the girls weekend I can barely type!  But first, my favorites:

Favorite ESPN Staffer:
Gracie!  I am so proud of my sweet friend...she's the one who introduced M and I and now she's in the big leagues with Erin Andrews and Kirk Herbstreit.  Seriously - she knows them.

Favorite Back to School Supply:
Sharpie Pens!  They DON'T BLEED through the paper.  I loved having these last year in black and blue but now they're available in purple, green, red and orange too!  I'd highly recommend these for anyone who writes (aka everyone).

Favorite Craft Supply:
If you haven't heard of Pick Your Plum, check it out here.  On Tuesday, I scored 9 yards of elastic for only $2.70!
I could use this for hairbands or thanks to the link on the Pick Your Plum site, any of these uses!

Favorite Max Pic:
Sleepy Max - Photo Credit goes to M.

Happy weekend - Sarah

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