Friday, September 09, 2011


That whole Friday Favorites idea has really been suffering.  Lo ciento!

Favorite Nail Colour
(I like to spell like this to pretend I'm Euro.)
OPI Texas - San Tan-Tonio:  It's such a wonderful subtle color that almost blends with my skin.

Favorite Weekend Activity
Game Day!  This weekend is my first game day of the year.  The weather is set to be a heart-stopping 79 degrees!  GoVOLS!

Favorite New Songs
Adele - Set Fire to the Rain
Lady Gaga - You & I
Just download them.  Because I said so!

Favorite Comedian
Brian Regan.  He's hilar!  I love his pg comedy that is down right funny.  It's super quotable too and seems to apply to everyday life.  Definitely checkout his first album: You Too.  M and I are seeing him tonight!

Favorite Max Photo
Dog day nap

What are your new favorites? - Sarah

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