Tuesday, August 23, 2011


As mentioned, M and I have moved into a new apartment.  Going from a one bedroom to a two bedroom, we essentially needed a whole other room's worth of stuff.  Trying to stick to a budget, I turned to the ole stand by:  Target (also pronounced tar-jay).

I did a ton of comparison shopping:  Home Goods, T.J. Maxx, West Elm, Ross, Company Store...even Wal Mart and Pottery Barn.  I did a lot of buying and returning and in the end every new item (save two bath and two hand towels) came from Target.  The combination of price and quality just could not be beat!  Here are some of my favorite new additions:

Love these bath coordinates - although in real life the hardware is more of a bronze color.  We went with the toothbrush holder and the soap pump!  (Love the little handle)

Dwell Studio for Target shower curtain.  Swoon.  As much as Stanley Tucci's character (TDWP) is on board for a ballerina skirt and a hint of saloon, I am on board for Dwell Studio.  Enough Said.

These beauts are not new to me but still available at Target - Dwell Studio towels and oven mitt.  I have them in the kitchen and LOVE them...they come in tons of colors.

I love the soft, luxurious feel of these towels at such a kind-to-my-wallet price.  I also got some great dark green towels that I couldn't find on the website. :(

I mentioned that all but some towels came from Target.  I got these great ditties from World Market!  I just love a good printed towel.  Note - these are more brown than black in "real life"

See you at Target Sept. 13? - Sarah

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