Monday, August 01, 2011


If you don't religiously follow Princess Kate's outfit choices, you probably haven't noticed.  She.  Repeats.  Outfits.  I LOVE IT!  Who hasn't felt the stress to buy a new dress for every single wedding or party?  I love how the Duchess of Cambridge is setting an example that it is okay to wear something twice, thrice, or even more.  

Jeans by J Brand worn on many occasions of the North American Tour, also note the repeated loafers (middle and right).

This dress was first seen in 2007 (four years ago!) out clubbing with Pippa (left) and then again this June to a wedding (right).

This blue Zara dress was worn to Prince Phillip's 90th birthday (left) and leaving Buckingham Palace one and a half months earlier (middle).  She had also worn the coat to a wedding in 2009 (right)!  In the middle are the often seen wedges that I referenced here.

This suit was worn on a visit to Whitton Park (left) and for the official portrait of the North American tour (right).  (Will also repeated a tie!)

Perhaps we should all take a note from Princess Catherine and invest in classic items that will last for years... *note - all pictures were taken from The Cut's Look Book

Have a royal day - Sarah

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