Thursday, December 08, 2011


Living with my fiance this year, I have really caught the holiday spirit!  It is airborne right?  I was so pumped when our stockings came in the mail and I have been stocking up on stocking stuffers ever since. Here are some great gifts in small packages for any stocking!
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1.  oh! em! gee!  I have some wool tights and they are amazing for the cold winter months.  You can stay snuggly warm in a skirt, tights and boots. 
2.  Check your local Sephora, for some reason they only have red available online.  I have two of their hot pink shades and love them!  Not sticky, and long-lasting.  {shades are a lot brighter in the tube than on your lovely lips}
3.  J.Crew has started carrying these magic wallets again.  I love to throw them in a "going out" clutch for a lightweight wallet.
5.  Can you ever have enough?
6.  Another one of J.Crew's amazing cases.  {see other faves here}
7. Why can't pretty small things end up in your stocking?
10.  A fun reminder.
11.  As a major koozie enthusiast, this would be so wonderful for winter drinking!

Happy stuffing -Sarah

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