Tuesday, June 24, 2014


It happened so fast!  It came on strong and then I couldn't shake it...Panama (hat) Fever!  Is it contagious?

I am forever searching for a perfect hat.  I buy at least one new hat every year but never wear it more than a handful of times.  I sweat too much at the pool for a pretty hat and I when I put one on to wear around town, I feel silly.  Am I alone in this?

Anyways...right on cue I started eying the Panama Hat.  I first noticed Sarah of Classy Girls Wear Pearls rocking one last year and kept it in mind.  With a trip to Hawaii {eek!} coming up next month, I really wanted something that would travel easily, hide unkempt hair, and keep the sun off of my face.  Like when you're buying a new car, once I had this hat in mind, I saw it everywhere:

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

So I've done the leg (and google) work and here are my favorites:

1.  J.Crew | $58
2. Wallaroo | $40
This one has a drawstring on the inside of the brim so it has a fantastic fit
3.  Anthropologie | $48
4.  Forever 21 | $14.80
I "invested" in this one so that I'm only out a bit of money if I fall into my old patterns and don't wear it often.  
5.  J.Crew Factory | $34.50 (on sale $29.50)
6.  Michael Stars | $54
7. Christy's London via Nordstrom | $175

{FYI}  Surprisingly, the hats originated in Ecuador back in the 1600s and didn't show up in Panama until the 1700s.  They were shipped to Panama before continuing onto other ports, therefore earning their name.  They've been worn for various reasons throughout history so you know it's a classic investment.  If you're looking around, know that some websites will refer to them as a fedora and others call them ranchers.  Contrary to your classic fedora, a Panama Hat is often a bit taller on top and has a wider brim.  


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