Tuesday, October 09, 2012


A little while ago I posted about a new {to me} website called Threadflip.  I have now posted some items and am here to report back.

It is fabulous - this website is so much easier to use than eBay!  Posting items takes maybe 5 minutes once you have the pictures ready.  And you can use pictures that you have on Facebook or Instagram if they're not loaded onto your computer.  Another plus:  there is no cost to post an item and you don't have a time limit like eBay.  

As a trial, I posted two items that I tried to sell on eBay this summer that sadly didn't get picked up:

See "My Closet" here

This weekend, I was on a cleaning rampage and came upon a GAP leather jacket that I never wear.  I pulled up my Threadflip App, took some pictures with my phone and posted the item within minutes.  It was so easy!  

And I just found out - it flipped!!! {a.k.a. sold}
I have Fall Break in a couple of weeks and I plan on using that time to switch out my summer and winter stuff in my closet.  I always come across things that I want to get rid of {my rule of thumb:  if I didn't wear it this season, is it worth keeping?}.  I usually make a trip to our local Planet Xchange but they are very finicky on what they take.  This will be a great backup for items that are in good shape and still current but not what they need.  I will absolutely be posting more!

Any takers? -Sarah

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