Friday, July 11, 2014


Don't know if you've noticed but.... sneaks are totes in! 

For the last couple of years I've noticed white Converse sneaking into all sorts of blogs and outfits.  I've had the gray ones since college but found them hard to pair sometimes.  The white is genius!  They are so cute with everything.  Here are some of my favorite inspiration pics:
{Carly from C.Style}
She wear sneaks in so many ways and makes them adorable every time!

 {Emma from A Vintage Vice}

{Julie from Sincerely Jules}
Makin em look good with a "dressy" outfit!

Well...I was just about to take the "plunge" and invest a cool $50 when I spotted a new look on the horizon.


Yes, those skater shoes that kids wore in middle school.  They're back.  I first spotted them on an adorable mom of one of my students and thought, "Genius...why didn't I think of that?!".  Then I saw a version at Gap and then the real thang at J.Crew!  I bought the white and have been loving them!!!  I am also digging the checkerboard (as seen on previously mentioned mom).  What do you think?

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